Today my goal is just assisting seniors understand what to expect and helping them thru it while building a lasting relationship.

My Commitment To You:

From day one I have made it a priority to offer a personal hands on approach.  I know that it has become very common to enroll online but there are 3 things to keep in mind doing this.

  1. Once you click on enroll now, they collect your information and it can be shared with others creating many phone calls.
  2. Buying direct from the insurance company you then are buying their plan, they will not tell you that there is a plan down the street with same coverage for a much lesser price.
  3. Say NO to pushy sales tactics.  If you are told there premiums are going up you must enroll now, be cautious.  Don’t let anyone rush you unless you are trying to prevent passing the deadline for enrollment.

You can still talk to someone on the phone that has compassion, understanding and patience and wants to help you find what is best for you and I will do that.  I want to understand your situation and offer a long term solution that makes sense.


  •     Promptly responding
  •     Listening to your specific needs
  •     Focusing on personalization
  •     Having the best Customer Service

There is no cost ($.00) to you for my services and we may just have a great discussion if you need nothing at all or just a question answered. 

I want to take the Stress and Confusion about Medicare away from you.