Why Choose Me?


I am an independent insurance agent that specializes in Senior Insurance Solutions and offers a variety of other coverages.  My main goal is educating you on your Medicare and to assist you determining what you may need if anything to go with it.  With years of experience, I am dedicated to providing personalized plans to suit your needs and your budget

I’m an Independent Agent. Let me tell you what that Means.

Most agents are employed by and represent a single company.  Being an Independent Agent, I sell insurance from a range of companies.  I am licensed with and have the obligation to analyze each company’s products with you.  I have multiple carriers and can compare rates with them all.  I work with the top insurance companies so I can offer my clients the best coverage for them.

Just a Little About Me:

I was born and raised in Michigan, have traveled around the United States growing up.  I am married, have one son, daughter-in-law and a amazing granddaughter.  I went thru school to do accounting work but found that I prefer the hands on approach working with individuals.  I then discovered how lost seniors are with understanding Medicare and decided I wanted to help them and it has been great, so rewarding.


Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Supplement Plans

As I mentioned above I am an independent agent which means that I can find you a good carrier with a good price. I work with approximately 20 different carriers so that I can help find the one that is best for your circumstances in your area.



Prescription carriers

Part D of Medicare is the prescription drug plans. I work with just about every Prescription carrier in order to insure you are getting the right deal at the right price. First of all we want to make sure that all of your medications are covered by the carrier you select.  Remember that each year the plans change around and you want to get the plan re-checked every year.  I am here to help you go over the changes to see if you need to make a move.



Here Are My Certifications.

I have taken the time to scan each of my licenses to show you that I am a fully accreditedprovider and want to serve you to the best of my ability while staying in compliance to state and federal laws.